From the just-getting-started "no budget/little budget", to the consistent million-dollar-or-more-per-year producers, to everything in-between…our marketing systems can accommodate your needs.

For the same (and usually a much lesser) cost of what you would expect to pay for a staff member to handle your marketing – we provide you with superior service (quantity and quality), performance, and value – far above what you would get by hiring any single staff member!

Why can we make such a bold claim?

The answer is simply because the culmination of abilities we bring to the table as a team, provide a synergistic blending of specialized skill, knowledge, service, experience that no single staff member you could hire (regardless of the price) would be able to accommodate!

This means you get much more value – for much less cost than what you would normally pay for similar services.

For Example, Here Are Some Skills & Values That We Bring to the Table As a Member of your Staff…

• Steel Jaws™ Proprietary Automated Marketing System: Easily customize and automate your own Internal,
   External & Internet Marketing Systems.
• Marketing Consulting & Implementation: We don’t just tell you what to do – we actually do it!
• Professional Graphic Design: Ask to see our portfolio.
• Professional Web Design: Ask to see our portfolio.
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Achieve top page search engine ranking (No need for Pay-Per-Click).
• Media Purchasing: Receive discount media – let us do the footwork.
• Public Relations: Press releases? Community events? We handle it all.
• Appointment Scheduling: Reduce your “no-shows”. Increase your reactivations.
• Attorney, MD, Corporate & other Professional Marketing: Don’t have time to set your professional marketing up?
   Having trouble getting in the door? It’s our business – let us do it for you.

Take a Closer Look

When looking for the best “bang-for-your-buck” there are certain values that are worth considering. EVOLOCITY provides real values – that are worth taking a look at – here are just a few…

Guaranteed Increased Revenue
Guaranteed Increased Patients/Clients
Guaranteed Increased Leads
Guaranteed Increased Visibility (Branding Value)
Guaranteed Decrease in Current Overhead Costs

Some of the Steel Jaws™ Benefits Include…

• Generate More Leads
• Obtain More Patients
• Earn More Profit
• Reduction of Unnecessary Overhead Costs
• Save/Gain More Time
• Be More Productive
• Increase Your Facilities Visibility
• Guaranteed Results

Starting to sound expensive – right? Well…it’s really not…remember the low-cost staff member pricing mentioned above?

And the best part is that the affordability of these services can come right out of the results itself…this means increased profitability for you!

And if that’s not enough…

Value Guarantee

When it comes to measuring Product, Service and/or Information (PSI) Value, there are many companies and/or staff - who will charge you more - and there are many who will charge you less (or even provide some services free), but for the comprehensive suite of products and services we provide, no one will offer comparable value and quality for less!

"Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth is"

Should you find another company (or staff member) that provides the complete suite (or more) of products, and services that we provide – for a lesser monthly cost than your cost to hire us – we will happily *pay their monthly membership for you – AND give you our services for free!

Now… if that’s still not enough…then, as “they” say, “the proof is in the pudding”…so, I guess it’s time to prove ourselves…