In running a health facility – there are numerous phone call types that are to be made each day, week and month in order to produce the result of getting patients/clients to convert, stay, pay and refer. Many of these call types can be delivered to your intended recipient through internally generated phone message automation campaigns.

Some of these phone call types include…

• New Patient/Client Conversion Offers & Follow Up

• Facility Updates & Upgrades

• Event Reminders

• Screening and/or Event Follow Up

• External Marketing Lead Generation Follow Up

• Appointment Reminders

• Newsletter Follow Up

• Missed Appointment Rescheduling

• Referral Campaigns

• Holiday Specials

• Birthday & Anniversary Messages


• Corporate Health Program Announcements & Marketing

• Attorney Marketing & Appointment Return calls

• MD Marketing & Appointment Return calls

• And much more!


Our Steel Jaws Automated Marketing System provides a simple, easy, affordable solution to implement a powerful internal marketing system to help grow your business/practice.

Using Steel Jaws’ simple, automated campaign manager – allows you to create, launch and deliver a voice message in as little as three minutes – or less.

From a marketing perspective – the telephone is the most powerful, interactive way to market other than a live, in person presentation. If you don’t agree with this, then turn off your phones for 90-days and see what happens to your business.
Evan W. Richards – Speaker, Trainer, Marketer


Steel Jaws™ Automated Voice Message Broadcasting

Send several to several thousand messages simultaneously. Run multiple campaigns. Automate the entire process. Make contact – stay in contact with patients/clients.

• No Extra Phone Lines to Purchase!

• No Additional Hardware to Acquire!

• No More Not Making the Important Calls to Your Patient/Client Lists!



How long would it take your staff to make just 500-calls per month? Including; reactivation calls, b-day calls, appointment reminder calls, missed appointment calls, event reminder calls & etc?

How much would that actually cost in time/dollars spent?

First, your staff doesn’t really like making these call types. Second, your staff realistically can only make approximately twenty or so of these call types per hour.

Over a month then. only 500-calls would take approximately 25-hours to make. If you figure that the staff you are paying to make these calls (on the low end) is only getting paid $8.00 per hour – those 500-calls would still cost you at least $200!

With Steel Jaws™ Voice Broadcasting Automation – your cost could drop to less than $30 total! Additionally; your staff could spend the 25-hours they would normally spend on calling – doing something more productive – like booking real appointments.

More Leads!More Appointments!More Patients/Clients!More Profit!
Increased Patient/Client RetentionIncreased Referrals! Increased Production!

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