Welcome to Steel Jaws – your virtual, performance-based marketing assistant!

Steel Jaws is a metaphorical term used to describe the marketing process of “clamping on” and working a newly generated lead through to a new patient/client conversion. As such, when marketing, there are (6) conversion steps to be considered…

1. Converting a marketing strategy to generate new leads
2. Converting new leads to appointments
3. Converting new appointments to show
4. Converting new appointment shows to patients/clients
5. Converting new patients/clients to stay, pay and refer
6. Converting new patients/clients to stay longer, pay more, and refer sooner, refer more and refer more often.

Each of these basic conversion steps present their own unique set of challenges making it difficult at best for a facility to implement properly, or consistently enough to obtain the desired level of quantity and quality results wanted, or needed.

Some of these marketing and conversion challenges include…

• Lack of Time
• Lack of Money
• Lack of Staff
• Lack of Marketing Resources
• Lack of Knowledge/Understanding to Implement on a Meaningful, Consistent Basis

This is exactly where Steel Jaws™ steps in!

Steel Jaws™ is an automated marketing system that generates leads, and then converts those leads through this six-step conversion process. Using Steel Jaws™ - this process in most cases is automatic – saving a facility time, money, headache, hassles – while obtaining better results than can normally be gained by human effort alone.

Some of the Steel Jaws™ features include…

• Automated Lead Generation
• Automated Drip Marketing Systems for Lead to Patient/Client Conversions
• Specialized Email Sending Tools
• Website Marketing Wizards
• Access to Internal Marketing Systems
• Access to External Marketing Systems
• Access to Internet Marketing Systems
• Automated Campaign Tracking Features
• Elimination of Data, Lead, Patient Information Input/Entry
• Automated Appointment Reminder Calls
• Automated Appointment Reschedule Calls
• Automated Event Reminders
• Automated MD, Attorney and/or Corporate Lead Systems
• Search Engine Optimization & Top Search Engine Page Ranking Availability
• Automated Appointment Scheduling Availability
• Auto-Responder Management System
• Simple eNewsletter Wizard Sending
• Automated Tracking & Organization of Lead Flow & Conversion Process
• Data Backup, Protection & Storage
• 24/7/365 Access To Your Contact and Marketing Data
• No Hardware, or Software Setups (No Additional Phone Lines, Equipment, Computers Needed)

Some of the Steel Jaws™ Benefits Include…

• Generate More Leads
• Obtain More Patients
• Earn More Profit
• Reduction of Unnecessary Overhead Costs
• Save/Gain More Time
• Be More Productive
• Increase Your Facilities Visibility
• Guaranteed Results

For additional information, testimonials, lead/patient/client examples and to receive your own fully functional Steel Jaws™ Demo Account simply fill out the form below. Your Account Login will be emailed to you shortly – and your information will remain private.

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