A couple of questions…

Have you ever wanted to clear an extra $5,000, $10,000 or even $20,000 Dollars – or more per month – on an ongoing passive/residual basis?

Have you ever wanted to expand your “Multiple Streams of Income” Portfolio – in a simple, easy manner?

A single, simple solution…

Our Steel Jaws™ Affiliate Program just may be the perfect solution! But...why do we think that?

Here are just a few of the reasons…

• You get the best upfront commissions in the industry.
• You get the best ongoing monthly (residual) commissions in the industry.
• There is no limit on the amount of income you can earn.
• You receive automated tracking of leads, prospects and sales.
• You receive real-time data tracking and detailed reports.
• You receive ongoing support, training, marketing tools & systems designed for your success.
• You are guaranteed to earn money.
• You can feel good about having the opportunity to offer the industry’s newest, cutting-edge Products,
   Services & Information (PSI) – to other businesses, industries & professionals.
• PSI sales are normally stimulated via the internet – allowing you to expand your marketing to a 24/7/365 basis -
   to a local, national, or even global marketplace.
• Relatively low-barrier-to-entry in getting started.
• One-day startup process – reasonable ability to generate income from the very first day.

Note: If you are already one of our Internal, External & Internet marketing clients – there are no setup fees, or affiliate costs. This means your affiliate/reseller opportunity is already available to you and you can begin earning more income today!

Once accepted as an affiliate you will receive all of the necessary information and startup tools needed for you to begin generating increased income very quickly.

Your affiliate package will include…

• Steel Jaws Virtual Automated Marketing Account
• Professional Reseller Website
• Access to Automated Marketing Tools:
        • Auto-Responder Web Forms
        • Auto-Email Marketing Tools
        • Auto-Voice Message Delivery Tools
        • Search Engine Optimization & Internet Marketing Tools

• Tracking & Report Tools
• Startup Training
• Ongoing Support & Training

To see if you qualify to become an Affiliate/Reseller of our Automated Marketing Tools & Systems – simply fill out and submit the form below…